My First ever experience with Private Elementary Schools in NYC

It was the year 2015. I was an immigrant from Europe, Netherlands to be exact. I had got a job in New York, and I was extremely excited to move to the Big Apple. Coincidentally, I also had just gotten married to my long-term partner who moved with me and my 7-year-old son.


I had researched about schooling in America beforehand, for I wanted the best education for my son without any compromises. I found out that most states have the age of 5 as the time when schooling has to be started for kids. Leaving the kindergarten in my homeland was always going to be hard for my son, who had made a sizeable amount of friends in his first years of schooling, so I made the effort of looking for a friendly private elementary school in NYC.

But finding a good school wasn’t going to be easy, especially in a city as massive as New York. There were over a hundred schools in here, and that’s not even counting the government-sponsored elementary schools. I realized a bit of local asking-around was required to get to know the opinions of fellow parents.

I had kept a list of preferences that would help me choose the perfect private elementary school for my son. It looked somewhat similar to this:

  1. Convenient location: It should be at a close distance (a few blocks max) from either my home or my place of work, whichever would be nearer. In that way, I can easily drop my son on my way to work or pick him up.
  2. Exciting Teachers: Education in the United States was definitely different from education back in Netherlands, so I wanted the school to have good teachers, those who can make the learning sound fun and desirable so that my son could easily adapt to the change in teaching methods and techniques.
  3. Friendly: Lastly, the school should be friendly so that my son could easily adjust to his new surroundings and blend in faster.

Nevertheless, I soon found out a nice little elementary school near my home. It has been 2 years since then, and my son has now joined the organization’s primary school.


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