How Becoming a Teacher in Brooklyn Elementary School Helped Me

We had been happily married for 2 years. It was a lazy afternoon and I had still not decided on what exactly would I take up as a career option now that we had shifted base to Brooklyn. My husband had taken up double shifts to support our initial days in Brooklyn. Since he was gone most of the time I had almost all the time to myself and I badly wanted to contribute to the earnings for future.

Still engrossed subconsciously in these thoughts I decided to run some errands from the nearby market. I drove past a beautiful building that looked like a castle from a fairy tale. This was apparently one of the well renowned elementary schools in Brooklyn.

I was still imagining the fun that the kids would have being a part of this school when it dawned upon me that I could be a part of this school too.


As soon as I got home I gathered all the required information for being a part of Brooklyn elementary school as a teacher. I told my husband about my plan that evening and he immediately agreed, as he knew I loved kids and an extra earning hand never hurt anyone.

Being a teacher in Brooklyn elementary school required me to have bachelor’s degree that I had got during my college years. It also demanded me to have complete a New York teacher certification program, and pass the required content examinations.

Upon meeting the requirements for certification, I was issued an initial certificate, which was valid for five years. This entry-level certificate helped apply to all the elementary schools of Brooklyn for a teaching position. I got through some and started teaching for a bit while my initial certificate finally leads to the professional certificate.

This was basically an advanced level license that was continuously valid, assuming the teacher completes the appropriate number of professional development hours every five years. This helped me switch my jobs to the most coveted elementary school in Brooklyn.

I am now teaching there and spending most of the time between kids. This is definitely one of the most rewarding jobs I have ever been committed to.

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