How to Choose a Good Preschool in Brooklyn Based on its Curriculum Features

Your child’s life-long quest for development, learning, and progress starts with preschool. That’s why choosing the best preschool for your little one should be of paramount importance. And out of all the preschools in Brooklyn, choosing the best one can be a difficult task.

So how would you identify which preschool is good enough for your child’s crucial developmental years? Well, going through the preschool’s curriculum can help you decide better. Keep an eye out for these essential features:

Attention towards Emphasizing Child’s Individuality

A good preschool’s curriculum must focus on enhancing each child’s individuality. Along with values of sharing, togetherness and co-existence children should also develop a sense of individuality. It’s important to cultivate in young ones this nuanced ability to be able to have a unique identity and simultaneously being able to co-exist in harmony with a diverse group of classmates. Alongside individuality, each child’s independence also should grow, they must learn how to take care of their belongings.


Developing Vocabulary & Language Skills

A good preschool’s curriculum must also pay attention toward building each child’s language skills and vocabulary. Self-expressive language skills should be emphasized with the help of informal interactions with educators and also with the means of structured group activities.

Aim at Realizing the Developmental Milestones

The curriculum of a good preschool in Brooklyn should be focused on realizing the developmental milestones set forth by New York State Early Learning Guidelines. Language and communication milestones include:

  • Be aware of basic grammar rules (for instance, correct application of ‘he’ and ‘she’)
  • Ability to recite a poem or sing a song by memory
  • Ability to tell a short story

Some cognitive milestones of a child in preschool:

  • Ability to identify and name some colors and numbers
  • Capability to foretell what he/she thinks is going to happen in a story or a book
  • Begin understanding the idea of time and counting
  • Ability to solve small problems with self-expression

A couple of emotional/social milestones of a child in preschool:

  • Intrigued by doing and learning new things
  • Interest in playing and talking with other children or fellow classmates rather than spending time alone
  • Cooperation with others (parents, teachers, fellow classmates)

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