Simple yet Engaging Activities for Kids in Preschools in Williamsburg

Kids who are in preschools are known to be open-minded and curious. They are amazed by chemical reactions and science-based activities. It is this very curiosity which provides the perfect opportunity to help the kids explore science right from their preschool classrooms at Williamsburg and surrounding areas.

It is essential to remember that the right activities must be chosen so that their scientific temperament is nurtured which would help the kids understand the concepts and develop interest from a very young age.

Following is a list of simple activities which can help preschoolers grab some of the very basic concepts of science –

Understanding Density

This activity can be done by filling a large bucket with water and using a number of objects which have the same size but whose weights are different. The kids can be asked to categorize the objects into two categories namely floaters and sinkers.


After this, they can be allowed to drop the objects one after the other into the water to check whether or not they were right when grouping the items into the categories.

This very activity will provide kids with a very basic understanding of density and teach that similarly sized objects can greatly vary in weight.

Exploring Gravity

This is considered to be one of the most basic activities but is very effective when it comes to introducing the concept of gravity to children at preschools in Williamsburg. For this, different balls of varying sizes and weights can be dropped from the same height one after the other to check which one first hits the ground.

After several drops, the preschoolers can be asked if every ball took the same amount of time to reach the ground.

The children can then be taught that no matter what the mass of an object, it will fall at the same rate due to gravity.

Vinegar and Baking Soda

This is a science activity which is loved by every kid in preschools. To do this, the bottom of a muffin tin needs to be filled with a little baking soda. Using an eyedropper, the children can drop small amounts of vinegar into the tin.

Children can then be allowed to see, smell, hear and touch the effects of the reaction as they are encouraged to continue exploring on their own.


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