Here’s what your Child Should Ideally Learn during Preschool

The first few years of school for any child are the most important as this age is characterized by emotional, intellectual, physical and social development. The skills they pick up at this stage are extremely crucial to help them in the later stages of their education.

To an outsider, a preschool in Brooklyn might look like all fun and games but the truth is, there is a lot of brain work going on too as children learn a lot during this stage. Having said that, it needs to be understood that the rate of learning for every child varies. There should be minimum requirements when it comes to determining what kids will learn at a preschool in Brooklyn. The following tips on how to hone preschool skills at home will help to improve learning outcomes:

Letters and Sounds

At this stage, kids will be able to recognize and name all of the alphabets in upper case and a few lowercase ones as they are a bit tough for their level. They will also be able to recognize their names and a few relations.

Preschools in Brooklyn help children understand the connection between letters and sounds. At home, learning can be encouraged by making children read for a fixed time each day. Simple exercises such as pointing at pictures and asking questions related to it can improve learning.

Colors, Objects, and Shapes

At preschools in Brooklyn, children learn the names of colors along with shapes and body parts. At home, this exercise can be extended further by asking them the shape and color of objects they see in the house.

Counting and Numbers

Teachers at the preschools in Brooklyn help kids in identifying and learning the numbers from one to ten, and count both forward and backward. This is extremely essential as it is one of the basic math skills. At home, such skills can be honed further by asking them the number of steps they climbed, the number of fruits they see on the table or the number of bottles in the fridge.

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