Preschools in Brooklyn- Ensuring the Academic and Social Development of Students

Early childhood education has gained much recognition in the recent past with parents realizing the importance a child’s early life holds as it has a special place in the physical, mental, cognitive and socio-emotional development of the child.

Many studies have been conducted that evaluate the academic endeavors of children attending preschool against those who didn’t, and the findings seem to favor the former equation.

While it is no surprise that children attending quality preschools have better academic and motor skills, the benefits extend to better chances of success in the later life of the child as well. Many studies such as the HighScope Perry Preschool Study and the Abecedarian Study have concluded that children attending preschools are more likely to complete higher education and find suitable jobs in the future.


There are many preschools in Brooklyn that are aiding the young students and ensuring the overall development of the child.

Most children do not receive the appropriate exposure to the outside world which hinders their social development from a young age. This results in low level of confidence in kindergarten as well as in elementary school.

It is necessary for them to interact with people other than family members to develop effective communication and public speaking skills.

Preschools in Brooklyn offer young students an opportunity to socialize with other children of the same age in a safe environment. Children engage in various group activities and play games. This helps students in overcoming shyness and gaining self-confidence, and also supports easy transition into different social groups. This also encourages cooperation and team work in students that eventually results in making them socially attuned in adult life and in the acquisition of the necessary soft skills that cannot be taught as such.

Early childhood years are of great importance as substantial brain development has been observed in the young kids in these years. Parents should make sure that children receive appropriate guidance, and develop a sound base for learning to ensure their academic growth in future years. It is necessary to inspire a thirst for learning with eagerness and enthusiasm from a tender age, and preschools in Brooklyn work efficiently towards achieving this objective.

Preschools in Brooklyn provide sufficient opportunities for the curious minds of young students to flourish, and the structured preschool environment instills the importance of education in them.

Preschools in Brooklyn believe that children bring their personalities, preferences and curiosities, and teach valuable lessons through engagement in various experiences and exploring the world around them.

Thus, it is evident that preschools in Brooklyn are effective in developing social and academic skills in children, and helping them achieve success in life.


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