How I Got My Child Into The Best Private Elementary School In Brooklyn

I can easily be termed as a possessive parent. Since the birth of my twins, I have always gone an extra mile to provide them with everything to the best of my abilities.

On their first birthday, I realized that it was time to start searching and sorting the best private elementary schools in Brooklyn for them.

I picked the local guidebook to take a look at the listed private elementary schools in Brooklyn.


After the primary research online, I made a list of the ones l liked the most.

While researching for these schools, I stumbled across an ad that talked about the consultants who got children through leading preschools and decided to seek their services for my kids.

A meeting was set up with the consultant listed on the ad.

I learnt that the consultant had an experience of 10 years of teaching in private elementary schools; she had also helped a few schools in and around Brooklyn with curriculum building as well.

I showed her the list of probable private elementary schools of Brooklyn that I thought would be the best for my kids.

She then told me that in the coming fall, I would have to fill out the application forms of the shortlisted schools.

Sorted in the order of priorities, I sat with the forms and got a little jittery with the essay questions.

I urged our consultant to help me with it and she in turn told me that it would be best to spend more time on the applications that I had as my priority. And I spent lesser time on other school applications.

I was eagerly awaiting the results with my fingers crossed. I even made a few unrequired frantic calls to the consultant for reassurance.

We finally got my kids through the elementary school of my choice.


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