My Vision Of Building The Best Preschool In Brooklyn

Keeping in mind the wonderful childhood memories I had of my preschool days, I always wanted to contribute my bit to the field of education.

So after I got the necessary educational degrees in the relevant field, I decided to make an investment to construct a preschool in Brooklyn.

Inspired by the ways and means of my preschool teachers who I remember till date, I decided to setup a meeting with one of my favorite teachers of the preschool I attended in Brooklyn and seek advice in designing a curriculum for this school.

She gladly accepted my invite and we discussed the primary needs at length, over coffee.

I envisioned a one-of-a-kind preschool in Brooklyn that would be loved by kids even when they passed by it.

Williamsburg Northside

I wanted kids to have the same feeling that they did when they watched a magic show, the feeling of being awestruck, the desire to be a part of the trick, and a craving to learn it.

After the initial phase of creating a curriculum along with the construction and interiors of the classrooms was done, we sat down together to discuss the recruitment of teachers.

Apart from the required qualification, I wanted all the teachers to have the ability to go beyond the text and win the trust of the little learners.

To me, understanding the needs of the kids is of primary importance in pre-schools.

Once kids learn to voice their needs, learning becomes an easy task to accomplish.

I wanted to give a personal touch to all the classrooms so that the kids felt a sense of belonging.

So after the admission procedure was over, we declared the first day to be the hand-painting day in school-

Every child painted their hand with a colour of their choice on one wall of the classroom dedicated for the purpose.

As I think about how it all began, all I wish for my preschool is that the kids remember this school with all the fondness in their hearts for the rest of their lives.


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