Easy and Fun Phonemic Awareness Activities Practices at the Preschools in Williamsburg Northside

Phonemic awareness refers to the ability of an individual to figure out, think about and manipulate the sounds which are used in spoken language.

However, this is not the same as phonics.

Classes for phonemic awareness at any Williamsburg Northside preschool do not involve letters. If a teacher were to make use of prints, then it would mean he/she has skipped a step and moved on to phonics.

Time and again, research has proved that it is essential for student at any Williamsburg Northside preschool to first become adept in phonemes before they move on to reading. This way, children will have a very strong foundation of the sounds of speech before they begin with phonics.

Having discussed the usage and importance of phonemes, let’s us now talk of those activities which can help children in quickly grasping them in an easy manner.

The Listening Game

This is an activity which can start from the very first day. Its main objective is to bring the attention of children to the noises. This can be done just after lunch in which all that the children need to do is pay attention to any random sound around them.

At any educational institution, there is no dearth of noises – the air conditioner, doors opening and closing, teachers and students talking – all they need to do is listen.

Williamsburg Northside Day care

In My Box

This activity can be done once the students have a basic understanding of how rhyming works. In this, a small box containing combinations of pictures and words is used. The pictures and words used rhyme with each other and should be known by the children, for example- Box/socks, mat/cat, hen/pen etc.

Each student has to pick a picture and speak out the word. For instance, if it’s a hen, then she/he can say – “In my box, there’s a hen”. If the picture is that of a pen, then the child can say – “In my box, there’s a pen” and so on.

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