Guide for Getting Admission into a Good Private Elementary School in NYC

Finding the right elementary school for your kid in New York City can be a tiring experience. Parents want their kids to attend the best elementary school, and most are willing to pay whatever it takes. But with elementary schools popping up in every corner of the city, the value of quality education has increased manifold.

But is it really true that getting your kid into the top private elementary schools in NYC is as difficult as getting into an Ivy League college? Yes, it definitely is, looking at the number of applications these schools receive as compared to the number of seats available.


Honestly speaking, the hype over elementary school admissions is analogous to the weekend madness as half of New York tries to squeeze into the same trendy restaurant on a Saturday night. You can brag in front of your friends about how you managed to get a table there or how you spotted Brad Pitt in the lounge, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that they serve the best food.

It’s for the prospect of dining there and the exclusivity that you pay so much for.

Same is the case with elementary schools. There are many private elementary schools in NYC that provide quality education, some even surpassing those top-tier elementary schools. Sure, big schools have a status or brand name associated with them, but it doesn’t necessarily mean they provide the best education. With the growing number of private elementary schools in NYC, the options for your kids are abundant.

There are good private schools but how does one find the best and most suitable school for their child?

The answer to the above statement are many – the best ways to find out are through parent testimonials, colleague recommendations and the internet. Look for positive reviews, make a list of schools that fit the bill for you, and visit them one by one.

It’ll be only a matter of time before you find the perfect school.





2 thoughts on “Guide for Getting Admission into a Good Private Elementary School in NYC

  1. Thanks for the article. While I did enroll my son in a pre-school, I enjoyed reading your narration. I personally think that private pre-schools offer a much better environment for kids as compared to public schools due to the limited number of students and the individual attention that the teachers can give to students.


  2. Like Beth has said, private schools are a far better option for elementary education. The small number of students improve the overall efficiency. I think it is rather stereotypical to think that private schools are more reputed than public schools in terms of quality as well.


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