Preschools in Brooklyn

Early Years of Education

Kids start learning from a very tender age. They learn how to crawl, how to stand up, how to walk, how to say ‘mom’ and ‘dad’ and the list goes on. While the most basic form of movements can be taught at home, there comes a time when kids make an advance to the next level, i.e. development of social and communication skills. As early years of learning prove to be most effective owing to the fact that the brain can absorb more information in the initial years of life as compared to their later years, parents usually tend to send their kids to a preschool for better development, because of the structured program in a nurturing environment.

Day care kid

Preschool Activities

 There are a lot of preschools in Brooklyn, which cater to the needs of young, developing kids. While they are known as ‘preschools’ in Brooklyn and in the entire United States, the western world labels them as ‘kindergarten’. They tend to children about 2-5 years of age, and usually employ experienced teachers and staff for nurturing them. Preschools usually follow different standards for various learning components, depending on the age of the concerned group of children. Children are given to choose from a variety of activities, such as playing, building blocks (Lego), puzzle solving, painting, listening to stories etc. The main aim of these activities is to promote cognitive development in the children, among various factors.

Individual Development

 Each child is independently monitored by the teachers. They encourage kids to build on their strengths and work on their weaknesses. The environment of a typical preschool in Brooklyn is more of a playing environment, as children respond more effectively to learning when they actually have fun while doing it. The teachers ensure that the general social rules such as ‘rule of law’ of the American justice are followed, promoting verbal apologies in case of disputes rather than physical confrontations, lightweight punishments such as ‘time-outs’ in case of misbehaviors etc. Teachers are usually treated as partial substitutes for parents as they look after the kids and take care of their needs while at school.

Brooklyn Elementary School

Continuation after Preschool

 Nowadays, many preschools in Brooklyn have extension schools for levelling up the education to primary school. They are normally known as incorporated schools, which start at preschool and finish at high school. Parents satisfied with their kids’ advancement in preschool can further allow them to study in the same institution, onto higher levels, thus ensuring the continuity of their education until they’re able to qualify for college studies.
This process is advantageous for students enrolled in prestigious schools, as they don’t have to compete with others for a seat in primary and high school. However, parents can also transfer their kids to another school for primary education, if there are any budgetary concerns.


3 thoughts on “Preschools in Brooklyn

  1. A very well written post. Pre-shools have a major contribution in the growth and development of children and it is necessary that one makes the right choice. The activities which are covered: arts, crafts, games etc all are a good indicator of the quality of education offered.


  2. Agreed with Henry. Pre-schools are extremely important for the proper growth of children. They contribute towards children exploring their interests and learning to interact with people other than their parents and siblings which helps in their overall development.


  3. Thank you for this post. Parents have to pay attention to the range of activities that are available for kids in preschools. There is more to a preschool than just studies. Play and creative projects have a major influence on kids as well.


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