How I Found the Perfect Day Care for my Kid

I am an obsessive parent who is never satisfied with most things when it comes to my eighteen months old baby.

Single motherhood, over protectiveness and limited resources have developed and nurtured an OCD in me, I think.


I had to look for a day care in Brooklyn for my baby girl as I could not afford to waste time on travel to pick and drop her every day at the day care (due to my work). I started looking around on my own and inquiring with my neighbors and colleagues too about the best Brooklyn day care centers.

The world is full of people to advice you on things when you don’t really need it, but when you ACTUALLY need good advice, people are like, “Nah! No idea!”

At this point, when I generally start hyperventilating and give up all hope, mercy was bestowed upon me.


The next block to where we live has a day care and apparently, it was one of the best ones in in town!

Obviously, I would see for myself before seeking admission. (Duh!)

Without much ado, I visited the day care facility on Havemeyer Street in Brooklyn.

It was a spacious, airy and well-lit happy place, alive with the chatter of kids and cackle of babies as young as 3 months.

Infrastructure-wise, this Brooklyn day care had all that was necessary- play pens, swings, slides, toys and spacious rooms. Compliance with safety and hygiene requirements, all were in place.


Faculty at the day care included teachers and co-teachers for the toddler classrooms, which had one head teacher (with minimum qualification of a Bachelor’s or Associate’s degree in education) accompanied by two or more co-teachers per class.


Infants were looked after by experienced caregivers who give individualized attention to each infant.

Day care timings were flexible- day begins at 8:00AM, but parents can drop their kids as early as 7:30 in the morning and ending time is 6:00PM.

I signed up for their 5 days a week program (There were 2 and 3 days a week programs too).


I am glad I found the perfect day care for my kid without having to break a sweat and that too within a convenient distance from where I put up.


One thought on “How I Found the Perfect Day Care for my Kid

  1. Congratulations on your discovery. The responsibility of your kid is increased manifold and it is necessary to make the right choices, especially when it comes to your kid’s education.


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