Daycare: Caring Beyond a Family

Children and families form intricate, unique relationships. Such an intricacy leads to diverse childcare needs, needs which a daycare like Williamsburg Northside’s Infant and Toddler Center acknowledges and deals with in a professional manner. Via a multi-dimensional approach to early child education they give due emphasis on the development of a warm, responsive and stimulating learning environment for all children. It is highly recommended that this strategy is also applied by childminders, relatives and stay-at-home parents.

According to a study done by the researchers at Maynooth University, children who have access to daycare services, tend to develop better motor skills such as hand-eye coordination. However, when it comes to a variety of other skills, such as language skills, a family plays a crucial role alongside daycares.

Day care kid

The researchers used data collected from the national longitudinal study of children, ‘Growing Up in Ireland,’ which allowed them to sample a large representation of more than 11,000 infants and 8,500 children. This allowed them to study the influence of different early childcare education models on child development between the ages of nine months to three years.

According to the study, babies in daycare enjoy improved and fine-tuned motor skills (for example the turning of a page or the holding of a pencil) than babies who have never gone to daycare. Report author Catriona O’Toole said: “The research highlights there is no single childcare type that is necessarily better or worse than any other”. The study also highlighted the relevant roles that grandparents play in early child development. The fruitful outcomes in toddlers when it comes to language and communication skills indicate that children associated with grandparents do particularly well when they and their families have access to a wider social support.

The researchers concluded that children’s physical, cognitive, and socio-emotional development is influenced by earlier developmental indulgence and initiatives taken by family members. In other words, a family’s wealth and social status played a significant role. Investing in a professional daycare experience for your child (such as the programs offered by Williamsburg Northside Day care) can act as the ultimate instrument for abolishing such inequalities by balancing the influence of a child’s background and allowing all children a comprehensive, positive early education experience that will benefit them for life.


2 thoughts on “Daycare: Caring Beyond a Family

  1. This is true that a family’s wealth and social status mold the overall characteristics of a child and how well they perform in society. So its the duty of each parent to help their children in developing a sense of personal power & purpose and a positive view of their own future.


  2. That is quite an interesting research. Having had first-hand experience with my sister’s three-year old (and her friends), I can confirm that these observations are more or less consistent. This obviously does enhance the overall necessity of daycare services for toddlers.


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