Remembering My First Day in A Brooklyn Elementary School

I moved to Brooklyn in 1989. I was 8 years old at the time. We used to live in the lower east side, where both my parents worked at the same place. Their job was one where they had to move around frequently. When I was born, they were already living in a well-off neighborhood in Manhattan. Growing up there, I had gotten used to the place. I attended a school which was near my home, made some friends, and had as much of a good time as a kid could have. So when my dad told me that we were moving to a completely new place, which I knew nothing about, I was heartbroken. I cried at the time, thinking about my school, my friends, a girl I had become good friends with. But I was a kid, and I had gotten used to how easy things were for me.

Brooklyn Elementary School

And so the day came when we had to move. It was hard, at least for me, but as a kid, you tend to get comfortable to new things quickly. Mom told me we were moving to Park Slope, and that it was a good place where I will be making many new friends. I remember saying “I don’t want new friends, I want the ones I already have”. And yes, I threw a tantrum. I was entitled. But we moved anyway. It took us about an hour to reach our destination. And all along the way, I whined. My parents were annoyed, but my dad chose to remain silent, and my mom did all she could to keep me quiet. I knew I would be going to an elementary school, but I didn’t want to.

A week after we moved in, I got enrolled in a lower elementary school. At first I was scared, never interacting with other kids, not talking much, just doing what I was told to do by the teachers. I kind of disliked the mathematics teacher, because she was a strict and no nonsense person, and I didn’t like the subject either. Why would anyone buy 50 bags of groceries anyway? It didn’t make much sense. Science was my favorite subject, so obviously I liked the teacher too. After a few weeks I started talking to another kid, who coincidentally was also our neighbor. He had a single mom who worked at the same place as my mom, so we became good friends. Truth be told, he was my only friend in the whole school for a long time.

As time went on, I got to make new friends, meet new students from other grades, attend school trips, picnics, and other activities, which I admit were fun. All in all, my experience in the Brooklyn elementary school was not bad. In a few years, I almost forgot about the friends I made in Manhattan. My neighborhood in Brooklyn was also better than the one in Manhattan in some ways.

Now, I’m 25, still living in Park Slope, though my parents have moved to lower east side again, and about to get married to a girl I met in lower elementary. So yeah, I suppose I was misinformed about Brooklyn, thinking that I will never get to meet good people here. And now, I’m glad that my parents moved here.


One thought on “Remembering My First Day in A Brooklyn Elementary School

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