Selecting A Child Care Center For Your Kid

While it is true that many parents may decide to stay home with their toddler during the first few years of their lives, it is also true that most of us have other obligations to take care of and, at some point, will at least consider sending our young child to a daycare center. A daycare center can offer your child a stimulating, rewarding early education experience, setting the stage to more advanced learning in the future.

When choosing a child care center for your child, it is imperative to make sure that your child will receive quality, professional care. Children need to be taken care of with warmth, love and responsiveness. It is important too make sure that the caregivers and the environment of the child care center is affectionate, stimulating, friendly, and suits the needs of your child.


Several Reggio Emilia schools such as Williamsburg Northside Schools have child care centers that provide early education programs for toddlers, keeping in mind their particular likes, dislikes, requirements and temperaments. Here are a few tips that may help you select the right option for you and your young child:

  • Child Care Centers

Almost all Child Care Centers are licensed and surveyed on a regular basis by the state. Therefore, it is mandatory for them to uphold a certain level of health, hygiene, safety and child training standards. These Childcare Centers take care of children in groups. This implies more students learning together under several caregivers. The group activities for children are organized in bigger spaces, which create an appealing environment for the little kids and allows them plenty of opportunities to connect with fellow toddlers and develop their social skills.

  • Family Child CareSome families opt to take care of children at their residence. The regulations for these type of home-based childcare centers depend on the number of toddlers they take responsibility of. These home-based centers usually tend to smaller groups of children, providing them a homely environment to play and develop. Apt for children below two years of age, these family child care centers allow young ones to thrive in a healthy and a homely setting.
  • In-home CaretakersOften termed as nannies or babysitters, these caregivers take care of young children within the comforts the child’s own home. This helps ensures comfort, security and happiness of the child. The in-home caregivers are sometimes allotted by authorized nanny-placement agencies. These placement agencies train caregivers and keep a thorough background check system in place to ensure the safety and security of your child.
  • Care by relatives and neighborsMany parents turn to asking their friends, relatives or neighbors to guard their children when they can’t be there themselves. This type of caregiving is always trusted by the parents and provide a warm and a secure environment for the child. It can take place at the caregiver’s home or the child’s. The infants and toddlers are likely to enjoy their time with the relative because they are often already familiar with the caregiver and have spent time with them in the past.

If you decide to send your child to a childcare center, you will need to make sure that it is age appropriate for your child. The location, fees and stature of a childcare center should also be considered when deciding on the right one for your child. Several Reggio Emilia schools have child care centers that offer toddlers an enriching and an enjoyable environment in which to grow and develop.


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  1. Nice Post…. This post will really help parents in selecting the best child care center for their kid. Thanks for sharing this wonderful content piece with us.


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